A new species of vehicles, fully modular and
designed specifically for rentership

See the Robotaxi

Mobotiq is the first peer-to-peer mobility operator that integrates specifically designed, autonomous pods and that eliminates all intermediaries between you and your ride.

Mobotiq is the supply to the huge demand for safe, comfortable, efficient, affordable, decentralized,
on-demand, door-to-door individual transportation.

Mobotiq blends supply and demand in one ecosystem,
by providing a platform for peers to become prosumers: not only users but also investors, designers, manufacturers, operators.

This ecosystem is greater than
the sum of its parts.

Mobotiq boasts a completely new mind set in terms of technology, business and organization.
It is a blockchain enabled, tokenized meritocracy, designed as an exponentially scalable platform that empowers peers to collaborate, add value
and build business.

Mobotiq ignites the virtuous cycle
of this new mobility ecosystem,
by providing the DNA of the new species and by raising its first herd of pods in Paris.

Peers will take it over from here and insure its evolution and proliferation.

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Coming soon

work in progress

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Proof-of-concept year

pod, manufacturing cell, software infrastructure


Production ready year

street legal pod, operational manufacturing cell, operational software infrastructure


Deployment year

30 manufacturing cells and 4000 pods in Paris, a 50000 peers global community

Team members


Thomas Cocirta
Aurel Iancu
Vince Meens


William Mougayar
Matan Field
Alain Giraud

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